framework not found after pod install


  1. Create a new Swift project on Xcode.
  2. Close Xcode
  3. Run pod init.
  4. Edit the Podfile and add a framework.
  5. Run pod install.
  6. Restart Xcode from ***.xcodeproj
  7. Run build and then “ld: framework not found framework-name” will come up.


Restart Xcode from ***.xcworkspace, not ***.xcodeproj.

If you restart Xcode from ***.xcodeproj, it does not recognize the newly installed framework.

If you restart Xcode from ***.xcworkspace, Xcode recognizes the newly installed framework as shown below.

Right after the pod install, you can find the ***.xcworkspace file is created at the same directory of ***.xcodeproj.

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